How To Choose The Perfect Stroller

When it comes to strollers, the options are endless. From umbrella strollers, travel systems, joggers, and compact strollers, it can be hard to know which one is right for your needs. Luckily, Babideal knows a thing or two about strollers and we’re here to break it down.

Babideal Attitude Lightweight Umbrella Stroller - Check Out My Ride

Umbrella Stroller

Umbrella strollers are great for short trips that don’t require much. Most umbrella strollers do not have storage or cupholders, so they are best used in cases where you don’t have much on you. With easy foldability and low weight, umbrella strollers are perfect for anyone.

Babideal Bloom All In One Travel System - Pixelray

Travel Systems

With many different ways to use it, a travel system is perfect for new parents. A travel system combines an infant car seat with a stroller to make moving the child from car to stroller easy. Once the child has outgrown the car seat, you can simply use the stroller.

Monbebe Rebel Jogging Stroller - Boho


Joggers are perfect for people that enjoy running with their child. The fashionable Monbebe Rebel Jogger Stroller combines style and functionality with stylish frames and all terrain air filled bike tires. The painted hubs include performance shocks to provide a smooth ride while the fixed front wheel supports optimal running conditions.

Monbebe Cube Compact Stroller - Pinstripe

Compact Strollers

Compact strollers provide the foldability and size of an umbrella stroller while offering more of a sturdy base. The Monbebe Cube Compact Stroller is a lightweight and easy to carry stroller with a multiple position reclining seat.


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